The Dataroom Residence – A contemporary House To rent in London

The Dataroom home is mostly a modern home for rent in London. It is designed by a The german language designer and features five lounge bedrooms, a massage, a private pool area and a steam bedroom. It also provides a concierge services and retail store. You can hire the house for the day or so long as you want and will make advancements as you see fit. The price is amazingly affordable considering the quality of the home. When you are looking for a deluxe home for hire in London, think about this home.

The Dataroom home is designed by simply an Italian designer who may have previously designed high-end residences in European countries. His focus to detail makes his masterpieces one of a kind, making sure guests love every minute of their stay. Your house is brilliantly furnished, and the interior designer made sure there exists a perfect circulation throughout. In addition, it includes a bar, an assistant and an online retailer. The house also has a health club, bar and a workshop.

In addition to its magnificent furniture, the Dataroom home has an outdoor fire pit, five lounges, and a heavy vapor bedroom. The bedrooms characteristic modern motifs and have a spa. The Dataroom house has a professional washing service and personal assistant to ensure everything is pristine. The house also contains a fitness center, massage therapy room, and in many cases a standard. There is an internet connection with regards to ordering food and drinks, and you can actually work from the comfort of your home!

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